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Sari Diet bringing Herbal Life weight loss, health and lifestyle to Bangalore, Bengaluru, Chennai, Madurai, Coimbtore, Cochin, Southern India

Sue S.100 Pounds LostFrustrated by yo-yo dieting Sue’s weight problem began after having two kids and a major surgical operation in her early 20s. After that, she faced steady weight gain followed by years of “yo-yo dieting.” She hated clothes... MORE

Herballife products are multipurpose and can be used for weight control, health, fitness and sports.




Herbalife Shapeworks - Bangalore Chennai Madurai Coimbtore Cochin Southern India


Mrs Aditya Mallik - Herbalife Independent Distributor

Hollywood via Bangalore to Bollywood - Herbalife Star Diet so `You Can Look Good and Feel The Difference`

You Can Lose Weight and Inches AND Party with Herbalife
Herbalife Shapeworks products and business opportunity offered by Sari Diet in Bangalore, Bengaluru, Chennai, Madurai, Coimbtore, Cochin, South India and 65 countries worldwide
The Business Opportunity with HUGE POTENTIAL in INDIA
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Take responsibility for how you  look                                                   Feel good and feel alive with Herbal Life                                           Achieve weight loss with shape
Have the option to combine lifestyle with your own business
Use your skills and earn extra income - full training is available


You can look good and feel great when you have people to meet

And exciting places to go

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Our Mission is `To Take Herbalife Around the World`

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The Herbalife Shapeworks Opportunity is open to all and can be worked part time or full time and you can work at home using your computer. Overseas contacts can be helpful in building an international business but are not essential. Fitness and nutrition is a growth sector of the world's economy.


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Herbalife Bangalore Sales Centre is located at Herbalife International India PVT Ltd, 14 Vaswani Wilshire, Commissariat Road, Bangalore 560025.

Herbalife main warehouse in Bangalore is at Herbalife International, India PVT Ltd, 115 Karamangala Industrial Area, Bangalore 560095.

Herbalife Chennai Sales Centre is at Herbalife International India PVT Ltd, C/O Norest Logistics PVT Ltd, Doshi Towers, Shop No `A` (1), Ground Floor, New No 205 (Old No 156), Poonamallee High Road, Kilpauk, Chennai 600010

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Herbalife Independent Distributor - Mrs Aditya Mallik Bangalore and Southern India

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Herbalife's Nutrition Advisory Board

Anoop Misra, M.D.                                      

Dr.Anoop Misra is based in India and is a member of Herbalife’s Nutrition Advisory Board (NAB). The Herbalife NAB is made up of leading experts located around the world working in the fields of nutrition and health who educate and train Herbalife Independent Distributors on the principles of nutrition, physical activity and healthy lifestyle.

Dr Misra is director and head of the diabetes and metabolic diseases department and a senior consultant in internal medicine at the Fortis Group of Hospitals, New Delhi. He is former professor of medicine and diabetologist at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences based in New Delhi, where he received his medical degree. Anoop Misra has also served on the faculty of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and Royal London Medical School in the UK.

Dr Misra's work has been published through more than 150 scientific papers in international journals and he has received a number of awards including the highest award for medical science in India (the Dr. B. C. Roy Award) and has served as the personal physician of two Indian Prime Ministers. He is also a reviewer for several prestigious international journals including "The Lancet" and "Circulation."

In addition to his work, Dr Misra is very active in community outreach programs that bring health and nutrition education and awareness to children of school age and those who are disadvantaged and also to women in urban slum areas.


News of Herbalife in the Community

Herbalife Family Foundation: Tsunami Disaster Relief
In response to the December 2004 Tsunami in Southeast Asia and Africa, Herbalife championed fundraising in support of Tsunami disaster relief efforts. The Herbalife Family Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to assist children in need, set up a special fund to accept donations, which were donated to Save the Children and SOS Children's Villages. These are two international organizations that focus on the needs of children and which were already well established in the affected regions.

The fundraising benefits for the two organisations were:

  • SOS Children's Villages. SOS has been the Herbalife Family Foundation focus in India for six years. SOS staff in Nagapattinum, India, a severely affected area, worked in tent accommodation providing first-aid and moving in additional resources to help children, many of whom had become orphaned in the Tsunami.
  • Save the Children. This organization, which works to meet the emergency and long term needs of some of the region’s poorest children and families, had teams in place in many of the hardest hit areas, including Aceh Province in Indonesia. The organisation's teams were able to deliver fuel, supplies, temporary shelter, materials and food, especially for under five children. Herbalife's partnership with Save the Children dates back to the year 1999 and the first Herbalife Family Foundation donation to assist in Kosovo.


 The Herbalife Business Opportunity  

 Bangalore / Bengaluru and Southern India

Health and nutrition products from Herbalife have been designed so you can achieve weight reduction and improve your health and also provide you with an opportunity to generate an income, part time or full time

  • Herbalife has now been a source of good nutrition for 27 years and has become the leading manufacturer of health foods of its type which can provide both weight loss and health through good nutrition. It now operates in 65 countries and has around 40 million customers worldwide.

  • Herbalife originated in Southern California in the town of Beverley Hills close to Los Angeles and the Hollywood film studios. To this day the Herbalife corporate HQ in Los Angeles is visible from the Hollywood area. Now Herbalife products are available in India with the main warehouse in Bangalore and are available to those working in the Bollywood film industry. Herbalife has moved `From Hollywood via Bangalore to Bollywood`.

  • David Beckham the renowned international footballer now plays for LA Galaxy (based in California) and this team is now sponsored by Herbalife International, which means that David Backham now plays with the Herbalife brand on the front of his jersey. This has greatly strengthened the public recognition of the Herbalife brand worldwide.

  • The Herballife products for health and good nutrition incorporate the latest knowledge in nutritional technology and are ideal for weight reduction and improving health and fitness.

  • The Herbal Life health nutrition products include the well known Herbal Life Formula 1 food powder 'shake' and a range of health nutrition and other nutritional foods which combine herbs to provide optimised levels of nutrition.

  • Herbalife Formula 1 powder is normally used in conjunction with Herbalife Formula 2 (vitamins, minerals, trace elements) to provide optimum nutrition for health and weight loss and there are also Herballife health and fitness products such as Formula 3 (extra protein), Cell Activator, Thermojetics Beverage, Tang Kuei, Thermo Complete and RoseOx which provide additional nutritional benefits and are equally applicable as nutrition for health and fitness.

  • Herbalife is an ideal way to look special in your saree.

  • The South India diet of Bangalore / Bengaluru and surrounding areas is generally of lower calorie and lower fat content and Herbalife products complement this pattern through all round good nutrition including use of soya protein.

  • Herbalife Distributors can access one of the best training programs in the industry.

To contact me regarding Herbalife products or the Herbal Life opportunity please call 01925 268897 and if I am not able to take the call at that time please leave a message on the answering service and I will get back to you shortly. If possible please leave a UK landline number and the best time to call. Alternatively please send an e-mail message to with your enquiry and I will be in touch.

Aditya Mallik

Independent Herbalife Distributor

Herbalife products for Bangalore and Southern India

+44 (0)1925  268897

Stockton Heath, Warrington, Cheshire, UK

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Herbalife Independent Distributor Mrs Aditya Mallik +44 (0)1925 268897

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Herbalife Independent Distributor Mrs Aditya Mallik +44 (0)1925 268897

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