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Saridiet with Herbalife bringing you opportunity and lifestyle

Sue S.100 Pounds LostFrustrated by yo-yo dieting Sue’s weight problem began after having two kids and a major surgical operation in her early 20s. After that, she faced steady weight gain followed by years of “yo-yo dieting.” She hated clothes... MORE



“Our energy increased within a week!”

Dania & Michael O.
107 Pounds Lost

Weight problems lead to health problems
From the age of 15, Dania had fought a losing battle with weight loss. Dieting, bouts of anorexia and bulimia in college and giving birth to four children had made keeping the pounds off almost impossible. She says, “I had ‘fat clothes’ for different weights.” Michael, likewise, had seen his weight increase, but as he says, “Men don’t diet–they just ignore it.”

“We were initially skeptical.”
Dania began following Herbalife's Weight- Management Program. “I would have been happy just to see my energy improve, so the weight loss was a real bonus,” says Dania. Michael saw similar physical changes. And those “fat clothes” that had been part of their lives for so long? “I donated them,” says Dania. “That was a great feeling!”

The results speak for themselves
They keep their before-and-after photos on business cards and are their own best advertisement for their Herbalife business. Says Dania, “For us, Herbalife is not only a business opportunity–it’s a health opportunity, too!”*

Key motivator: “Herbalife products make us feel more alive.”
Diet tip: “Watch your portion size.”
Favorite “thin ’n fit” activity: “Four teenagers in the house – two football players, two cheerleaders–keep us active.”

Before: 186 pounds
After: 141 pounds

Before: 255 pounds
After: 193 pounds

*The weight-loss testimonials presented are applicable to the individuals and are not a guarantee nor are they typical.


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